The A List is a bespoke, members only programme. It is uniquely designed for high potential Heads of HR to fast track their strategic careers and add value to the organisation through alignment of HR plans and powerful interactions to deliver the business goals.

The industry challenges

2 out of 5 HR professionals in early career stages feel underskilled in their role
(CIPD People Profession Review 2018)

HR people in start-ups often move from reception or recruitment roles into HR

78% of Heads of HR say they learn best from an experienced HR leader, but only 37% have a mentor
(NFT Research 2019)

Start-ups invest in senior HR professionals in latter stages, leaving emerging talent without mentors

Attracting and retaining talent is a top ten challenge for fast growth companies
(Startups 2019)

HR people in start-ups need to shape and scale culture, but often have little or no experience of doing so

Average tenure in tech companies in London is
1 year 9 months

If their company invested in their development 3 in 4 HR people would stay longer
(NFT Research 2019)

The A List benefits

for you & your business

Safe space to learn with industry peers and develop industry understanding

Unique industry insight into tech and fast growth company trends

Unique access to strategic insight from proven specialists in fast growth businesses

Expert guidance and hands-on instruction into how to lead in alignment with business strategy

Develop expert knowledge and network through recommended experts

Increased understanding of business models, challenges and proven approaches to driven business growth

Develop leadership ability to influence, challenge, coach and deliver results

Strengthened interpersonal effectiveness cross organisation and with executive team

Through this exclusive programme I share my experience of my journey to the top table, introduce tech industry experts and enable A Listers to develop the skills to develop their own authentic journey and feel confident and powerful in their role.

The A List equips in 3 strategic areas


Leadership Insight

  • Coaching: Strengthening Your EQ Superpower
  • Influencing & Building Trust At Executive Level
  • Resilience & The Power Of Confidence

Commercial Expertise

  • Demystifying HR Budgets
  • Navigating (The Pitfalls Of) Settlement Agreements
  • Strengthening Your Analytics Muscle

Focusing on
Strategic Skill

  • Creating an Aligned People Strategy
  • Developing & Evolving Culture
  • Authentic Diversity & Inclusion

What The A List membership gives you

Through The A List, I offer a quarterly membership that gives you:

  • Monthly 1/2 day workshops with my network of industry leaders
  • Quarterly masterclasses with Top Industry experts
  • Monthly webinar with me support your leadership journey (share success and address challenges)
  • Networking power through access to my tribe of experts involved in the workshops and masterclasses and to career defining connections in your network of peers.
  • Unique access to Executive level coaching with me to define, expedite and reach your development goals (available as an elite package option).

Example Curriculum


Creating and developing authentic culture:
How to codify and evolve values, traditions and ways of working.


Developing measurable KPIs and meaningful analytics:
Encoding your people approach with data. Learn how to develop measurable KPIs/ OKRs, quantify demonstrable ROI and reinforce credibility.


Becoming a trusted advisor:
Your masterclass in the skills and
attributes CEOs are looking for in their CPO (and it ain’t quoting best practice!)

How to get on The A List

Complete the contact form sharing who has recommended you to The A List

Consultation: exploring your aims, situation and development needs

Attend the Taster session

Join The A List London and expedite your development through your bespoke fast track development journey!

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