NFT Consulting offers impactful HR consultancy and solutions to ambitious tech start-ups and scale-ups.






Bespoke Training





Bespoke strategy creation and business implementation, taking tech start-ups on the journey to scale-up.


  • Audits & plans to evolve current HR approach
  • Robust recruitment strategy & planning
  • Culture definition & growth
  • Career & talent development


People-focused planning and implementation for times of high value, high risk change. Executive consulting to manage change with humanity and sensitivity.

  • Respectful and legal risk managed exits
  • Helping to create newly established leadership teams (individual or multiple new team members) through recruitment, coaching and development

Bespoke Training

Bite size workshops and programmes that develop tech culture and people:

  • High performing teams
  • People leaders
  • Individual contributors


Powerful 1-1 coaching and team programmes that create high-performing leadership teams based on strong foundations of trust.

Addressing common individual challenges of:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Influencing challenging stakeholders
  • Developing new strategies

And leadership team challenges of:

  • Building trust
  • Removing dysfunctional tensions
  • Growing personal awareness
  • Cultivating “best intentions” mindset

NFT Consulting offers flexible solutions to tech and fast growing businesses through three stages of the scale-up journey:

I manage elite level (high value/ high risk) change with humanity and sensitivity. Working with CEOs and founders, we define the direction of the business and team. I plan for change and am experienced in supporting the implementation:

  • Working with incumbent directors to enable dignified exits (managing legal risk as needed).
  • Engaging new directors to enable passionate and focused starts (engaging with partners as needed).
  • HR policy and process audits and optimisation.
  • Role and headcount expansion (role specification, job evaluation, robust assessment methods i.e. job sample testing, competency interviews, psychometrics).
  • Career and learning development (career mapping, workshops for authentic feedback, becoming the leader of your own career, communication and presentation skills).
  • Culture and employer brand evolution (creating and embedding values and behaviour frameworks; developing Employee Value Proposition strategy and executing plans to drive higher Glassdoor ratings and lower cost per hire.
  • Operations management of people functions.
  • Mentoring of HR Leaders with high potential.

The A List is a bespoke, invitation-only programme of workshops, networking and one-to-one training for high potential Heads of HR. Members can fast track their strategic careers and add value to the organisation through alignment of HR plans with business goals.

Coaching provides invaluable support to businesses in growth mode as executives take on strategic roles for the first time. The practice enables intentional, effective decision-making and behaviour.

The focus is on creating trust and using HR as a strategic tool to drive the success of the business, through combined programmes of 1-1 and group work.

Are you looking to fast track your HR career?

Do you want to start now?

Find out more on how to get on The A List: The HR leaders strategic development journey for fast growth and tech HR leaders.

About Nicola Forbes-Taylor

I have more than 15 years’ experience of developing powerful leaders, creating trust-based and effortless working relationships and high performing cultures.

I have a passion for working in early stage tech and fintech companies. I understand the HR and people pressures facing business leaders who are challenged to grow, return profit, and drive a higher valuation – all while building a motivated and talented team.

I’m commercial, straight-talking and pragmatic. I focus on getting results. My track record outlines headcount growth of 87% in one year, attrition reductions of up to 47% in one year and average tenure extension of 25% in <one year.

I’m accredited and proven:

  • Fellow of the CIPD
  • Executive level Coach
    (Institute of Leadership and Management level 7)

I have personally enabled >80 leaders to be the best they can be through understanding and developing self-awareness and interpersonal power through skill mastery.

I specialise in using psychological insight and comedy (as a stand-up comedian) in bespoke training and development focused on interpersonal connection and interaction.

Brands I’ve worked with


Since working with Nicola, I have seen my thinking become more open and I have felt free to do the work I needed to. Whereas previously I was stuck in a perpetual “analysis paralysis”.

I have gained practical tools and my key takeaway is the magic of “yet”, allowing me to make my lists and not get overly concerned with items not getting completed “right now”.

Rob Davis, Chief Technology Officer @ Skills4Stem Ltd

Having recently stepped up into a director role and executive team position, I sought out coaching with Nicola for developing perspective and mindset to fulfil the role effectively and with confidence.

Nicola has helped me cultivate more self-awareness and provided practical solutions and tools to manage myself, my work and my team. I  have learned and grown through these sessions and the outcomes have equipped me for the challenges of this new role.

I would recommend coaching with Nicola for anyone in an executive and senior management role who wishes to develop in an environment of balanced encouragement and challenge.

Jo Clarkson, Director of Corporate Services @ York Chapter (York Minster)

Coaching with Nicola has been great. I would describe her style as both powerful and flexible. I was able to get exactly the right level of challenge depending on the topic or situation that I wanted to focus on.

Nicola sets clear expectations and is very results driven. What makes every coaching session refreshing and impactful is clear, defined actions to take from the session. The coaching helped me to understand patterns in my thoughts and behaviour and what tools and techniques to use to be more effective as a leader. Thanks again Nicola!

Leiselotte Van Der Meer – Principal Consultant, Right Management (Consulting)

The A List has given me confidence that I’m on the right track with strategic people plans, and the invaluable insights and support provided by Nicola has been instrumental in shaping my career development plan to a Head of People role. The group have been fab sounding boards too as roles like ours can be very lonely at times!

Helen Monk, Head of People, Crunch

I signed up to the A List as I could not find a course that I felt confident would deliver relevant practical experience aimed at a senior HR individual within the high-growth tech sector.  I was impressed with both content and facilitation (esp. given it was 100% remote due to Covid-19).

Nicola manages to thread relevant theory and practical experience together in a way which is both easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply to real life.

Leigh Dixon, Head of Global People Operations, Outbrain

Being in a lone HR role can be pretty lonely and scary at times. Being part of the A-List introduces you to a group of like-minded and open people who you can share your experiences with, be vulnerable with and ask questions.

You leave the workshops feeling empowered, knowledgeable and ready to take on the challenges you might be facing.

Nicola is a true advocate for a people/commercial blend of approaching topics, teaching and coaching. She also has the added benefits of being funny, approachable and really caring about the success of everyone on the programme.

Philippa Munitz, Head of People, Capital On Tap

The A List has given me more confidence in how to present my ideas at the top table to get real buy in and gain credibility.

Head of People – Tech

If I had to pick one thing that has impacted me in my approach, it has been the connection to peers, fostered and safeguarded by Nicola, which has helped me to see my own worth objectively, develop my confidence and make me feel more credible at work.

Head of People – Tech

The A List will help me achieve my career goals and support the company to deliver their main goal to drive growth. People drive growth!

Helen Monk, Head of People, Crunch

Following the training, we saw a shift in our team members’ behaviour in that they were more self aware, and adapted their style to have a greater impact in interactions. I was impressed to see the change and look forward to further training!

Paul Kan, Commercial Director, PEX Software

Nicola shaped and developed the strategy for significant restructure and change in my business area. She enabled the change through the great relationships she built with my engineers. She created career paths and supported me to embed performance standards and lead the required change. I appreciate and value her insight and recommend her coaching approach.

Greg De’ath, Service Director @ Leemic

Nicola is a joy to work with. She is highly creative and requires no motivation to make her ideas come to life. Nicola transformed the culture of the organisation through a multitude of initiatives and training sessions she organised and ran. She is very knowledgeable in employment law and more than capable when it comes to public speaking, networking, training and project management. She will be an asset to any company she works with, as she was to us.

Ricki Jordan-Moss, Enterprise Sales Director @Charterhouse Voice & Data PLC

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching with Nicola. Not only did I learn some specific models and techniques which I’ve found to be highly effective, but I also came away with more insight into myself – and more self-belief. I feel I’ve learned a huge amount. I can’t thank her enough.

Ellie Romer-Lee, VP of People @ Onfido

I came to this coaching at a time in my career when I was really struggling with how I was at work. I was operating at a more strategic level than before and finding things tough. This coaching has allowed me to be much more confident and comfortable with me just being myself.

Programme Manager @ Consulting business

Nicola developed trust and relationships at Nutmeg, developing a great culture that showed in our Glassdoor ratings. Her coaching and workshops on developing leadership enabled our team leads, managers and even directors to feel more confident and step up to be the leaders they wanted to be.

Steve Morrison, Talent Manager @ Nutmeg

Nicola created and led workshops on change leadership as we steered Huddle from a founder-led to CEO-led business that enabled us to lead through a critical time and created a common language we could use across the business as we navigated the change.

Ed Gairdner, Former Director @Huddle

The A List has helped me learn how to be resilient and confident. Not only through what I’ve learnt at the workshops but also through connecting with people who are on a similar journey. We instantly bonded and naturally celebrate each other’s wins as well as feeling each other’s frustrations.

Head of People – Tech

I learned so much in Nicola’s workshops: from interviewing to resilience, to dealing with conflict, understanding personalities and motivations to the differences between (and power of) coaching and mentoring … When you put it into perspective, the amount of content that was covered in so little time was amazing. I really liked the content and the format — educational, dynamic and participative.

Adrian Majo Fernandez, Technical Team Lead @Depop

I enjoyed the interactive style of Nicola’s workshops, with different speakers, pair discussions and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I also developed my networks through connections I wouldn’t normally interact with.

Josh Anderson, Tech Lead @ Burberry

The moment I met Nicola she made me feel that I could do more than what I’d previously believed I could do. She immediately spotted what coaching I needed and talked me through my areas of weaknesses. Nicola has never told me what to do, just coached me to help me to find the best answer for my team, all in all this has made a much better people manager out of me! Nicola’s care and influence will stay with me for a long time.

Gemma Daulby, Head of Customer Success @Nutmeg

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